A CAF Military Procurement ‘Revolution’ is Desperately Needed, Full Stop!

By David Dunlop, 22 May 2024

Here are a couple of recent articles that might be of interest. One is by Retired Rear-Admiral Ian Mack (Vanguard Magazine, 19 May 2024) and the other is by Retired General Andrew Leslie (National Post, 12 May 2024). In these articles Ian Mack identifies systemic military procurement problems and their causes and offers a unique solution to resolve these issues. In the National Post Special (by Donna Kennedy-Glans), General Andrew Leslie talks about the embarrassing state of Canadian military (un)preparedness. In this article, Leslie seriously 'bashes' Prime Minister Trudeau and his government for their benign posture with regard to the CAF and their readiness for conflicts and missions both within Canada and world-wide. Leslie says that "Liberal government intransigence on military spending isn’t stopping [me] from keeping up the pressure for change." And, he says, “you can quote me on that.” Interesting articles and well worth a read.




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