Participaction, Sweden and the CAF?

By Moderator, 12 September 2022

Canadians of a certain age will remember tv commercials for Participaction, a government program formed to encourage Canadians to exercise more. The commercials involved an elderly Swedish man out-skiing/out-running a much younger huffing and puffing Canadian man. It pains me to say this but there seem to be parallels today with Sweden, a soon-to-be member of NATO, and Canada, a long-time member of NATO. Even given its much smaller size in terms of territory and population, Sweden packs a significant military punch, and has some impressive new naval capabilities. When it comes to new naval capabilities, Canada has, hmm, the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships! Do we need a new military Participaction program! See an article a few weeks ago by Robert Smol on this topic, “Why Sweden will be a stronger NATO member than Canada,”


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