CDAI’s “The Strategic Outlook for Canada 2018” Released

The CDAI has just published its “Strategic Outlook for Canada 2018". In this report, authors look 10 years into the future to assess the strategic concerns and their relevance to Canada. The report includes the following chapters: “Canada’s Strategic Outlook” by Richard Nossal; “The Indo-Pacific Region in Flux,” by James Boutilier; “Below the Radar: Mexico and Canada’s National Security Challenges,” by Charles Davies; “The elephant in the Room: Canada and NORAD Modernization,” by Andrea Charron and James Fergusson; and “Implementing Strong, Secure, Engaged: Resource Management Challenges,” by Ross Fetterly. Surprisingly, there’s nothing about cyber-security, cyber-war, cyber challenges or technology in the future.  But it’s interesting reading.

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