Sea Kings Featured in 18th RCAF Annual Historical Workshop, 13 – 14 June 2012

The Call for Papers has been issued for the 18th Annual Royal Canadian Air Force Workshop, which will be held in Halifax, 13-14 June 2012.

The title of the workshop will be “Wings For The Fleet: Fifty years of the Canadian Sea King.”   The workshop theme reads as follows:

“In 1963, the Sikorsky Sea King helicopter was acquired for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). In 2012, the venerable maritime ‘warrior’ will have completed nearly fifty years of service in the RCN, Maritime Command, Air Command and the Royal Canadian Air Force. To mark this remarkable achievement, the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre is sponsor­ing the 18th Annual Royal Canadian Air Force Historical workshop in Halifax on 13-14 June 2012 with a Sea King theme.”

“In peace and war, the Sea King has carved out a name for itself in the annals of Canadian military aviation history. Topics may examine the policy concerning the acquisition of the Sea King and its integration with the destroyer escorts of the Canadian Navy; the Sea King on Operations; Sea King Personnel, Training and Maintenance issues and others. Individu­als interested in presenting a paper should forward a short one- or two-paragraph propos­al to Major Bill March prior to 29 February 2012. Notification of selection will be provided by 16 March 2012. Proceedings will be published.”

The contact information for Major Bill March is:

Phone 613-392-2811 x 4656; and