Make the organizational structure reflect reality

This is a very good debate, and I also believe it is long overdue.

I am a naval reservist on a “Class A” contract, serving as a military occupation advisor for naval engineers.  A few quick thoughts come to mind:

- To me, a redefinition of the naval reserves within the navy as a whole is necessary, beginning with recognition of a basic reality; to wit: there is a part-time navy and a full-time navy, and the present concept of "full time" reserve confuses both sides and is impossible to explain to the taxpayer. Get rid of the concept of the professional reservist- It's a contradiction in terms. Why?

- A naval reserve is, by definition, a "surge" capability. Forget training for equipment and trades that takes many full-time years. Find us the jobs that a traditional reservist can do, after initial recruit and trade training, based on a couple of weeks a year at sea, in-unit training, and relevant civilian background, and provide the appropriate tools: patrol boats and RHIBs; divers; small arms; public affairs; finance and administration; etc.  I, personally, would not sign on to become a chief engine room artificer for a maritime coastal defence vessel (MCDV) for only two weeks a year - and I'm a professional mechanic. But chief engineer of a small, simple patrol boat or a Port Security Unit? Sure! We can train for that in-unit.

- Emphasize Public Affairs (I prefer the term Community Relations) as one of two primary functions of Naval Reserve Divisions. Most of our "reserve" recruits end up full-time, so we are already doing the recruiting job, and "footprint in the community" is critically important for both the taxpayer and the navy as a whole. Maintain EQUAL status for that role with the "surge" capability role (training for jobs reservists can be expected to do immediately after their home phone rings). We already do Community Relations on an ad-hoc basis; let's support it!

- Ensure flexibility between full-time and part-time service - both ways. It should only take a phone call and a signature to go between full-time and part-time service. This would likely have a long-term positive effect on Regular Force retention, also.

- MCDV crews are generally NOT true reservists, yet they are carried on our rolls. Better to move them, and all other "full-time" staff, to a different list and build to 4000 genuine reservists!

We might as well have our structure reflect the reality.