Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship

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Not just for the Arctic

The problem with the ships Senator Kenny wants ‘axed’ is that they are not just ice-capable ships: they are a hybrid design for both arctic and offshore patrol work. Arctic […]


Dumb and Slow?

Senator Colin Kenny’s remarks this week (as reported by Murray Brewster in the Toronto Star, “Tory Arctic ship plan should be sunk, replaced with real icebreakers: senator,” and Paul MacLeod […]


Are Netherlands navy surplus OPVs an option?

The Royal Netherlands Navy will not be taking delivery two new Holland-class ocean-going patrol vessels, due to cutbacks in military spending. It would be interesting to read an expert opinion on […]


Finding a “Parent” Design

During my 50+ years in ship design and construction in both Canada and the United States, it was the policy of a new ship design team, when given the operational […]


The Danish Approach

Last October, the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard launched, for the first time ever, a unified maritime strategy. This took place for good reasons. The challenges facing […]

CCGS and Hfx class

CCG-CF joint training: Been there, done that

For the interest of your readers, the CF and Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) have conducted joint training in the recent past. Specifically, 32 Canadian Brigade Group (32 CBG), the Militia […]

Canadian Naval Task Group

The Canadian Naval Task Group (II)

Everything that Peter Haydon says in his article on the “Canadian Naval Task Group” is accurate. The task group has been fundamental to our past success and it will likely […]


‘Proper’ Icebreakers?

Michael Byers, to a degree is correct. The degree is that Canada also needs to replace her aging icebreaker fleet. One must recognize that there is no single platform, except […]


Arctic Patrol Vessels

The Government’s decision to build six new Arctic Patrol vessels is a wonderful step forward. But what is being missed in the arguments as to whether the Navy or the […]


What about sea-based support for the arctic patrol ship?

The announcement of the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship programme stated, “There is currently insufficient infrastructure in both Esquimalt and Halifax to berth the A/OPS. As a result, some additional jetty infrastructure […]


A lot of questions remain unanswered

The plan to construct six ice strengthened naval Arctic patrol vessels seems to have arisen out of the blue and a lot of questions remain unanswered. The Ministers of National […]


Canada’s Navy: Sunk in the North?

Now that Ottawa is poised to announce a new purchase of Arctic Patrol Vessels (APVs), the question is: what does this portend for the future of the Navy? A batch […]