The history of construction of submarines in Canada

[Monday, 05 March 2012] Murray Brewster reported on 27 February in The Canadian Press article (“Glitchy subs to sail until 2030”) that Admiral Paul Maddison has stated that planning for new submarines will begin within the next four years: “I would envision initiating a next generation submarine discussion within the next three or four years in order to go through the various procurement and project planning, approval and funding gates to ensure there is no gap in submarine capability, which is what we faced in the 1990s.”

While the National Shipbuilding and Procurement Strategy in conspicuously silent on the issue of submarines, it may be of interest to know that submarines have, in fact, been built in Canada before. The history of the construction of submarines in this country is detailed in an article written by David Shirlaw, entitled “Submarines Built in Burrard Inlet.” It is made available here with the kind permission of the author. The photographs alone make it well worth a look.