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USN collision post

Doing More With Less, USN-style

The Canadian navy has been asked to do more with less at least since the 1990s – and probably since the beginning. Tasks get added while ships get retired – […]

USN collision safety of Nav

What’s up with the USN?

What’s up with the USN? Two major collisions in the last two months, with a total of 17 sailors dead.  Both collisions occurred in Asia in busy areas for traffic […]

Sub desert

Future Submarines for Canada

The National Shipbuilding Strategy does not include submarines but if Canada is to retain a submarine capability, it will soon have to start thinking about replacing the Victoria-class submarines. DND […]

Intercon world post

The Interconnected World

Who cares about the fight between Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Why should we care about what seems like a small difference of opinion among former friends? Well, there are a […]

Migrants post

The Italian Navy, Libya and Maritime Migrants

Migrants continue to stream across the Mediterranean this summer from Libya to Italy. In recent days Italy has been in talks with Libya about helping to stem the tide. But […]