Winner of the 2017 CNMT Essay Competition

How to Sink the Hermit Kingdom: A Better Approach to Maritime Sanctions Against North Korea
by Robert Huish

The full essay will appear in the summer issue of CNR, coming soon.

North Korea, a country famous for human rights abuses and bellicose threats of nuclear war, is a threat to the world and to itself. Out of all of the economic, political and tactical responses that the international community has at hand to deal with North Korea, maritime sanctions against the regime of Kim Jong-un have been the favoured response. Why? This article argues that current maritime sanctions are ineffective in leading to desired behavioural change. The article demonstrates how North Korea skirts these maritime sanctions through well-calculated deceptive behaviour. However, if maritime sanctions focused on third parties that facilitate trade into North Korea, namely maritime protection and indemnity insurance clubs, the impact could be significant.


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