HMRI Changes Name to Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE)

To better position itself as a leader in transforming ocean research into sustainable economic activity, the Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI) has changed its name to the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE). 

IORE encourages bold undertakings and facilitates collaborative ocean research projects involving universities and colleges, government laboratories and private companies. With a growing number of private sector companies discovering new economic opportunities in key ocean-related sectors, IORE strives to create profitable opportunities that will benefit the region as well as the marine science and technology sectors. By effectively facilitating these partnerships the Institute enhances both the competitiveness of ocean industries and our knowledge base.

“Changing our name to IORE was a necessary step,” says Jim Hanlon, CEO, IORE. “It more accurately defines our position in the region as a vehicle for facilitating ocean research projects and turning them into profitable and sustainable opportunities.”

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