Van Horne Institute Conference on Logistics, 11 – 12 October 2012

The Van Horne Institute at the University of Calgary will host a conference entitled: “Ready at a Moment’s Notice: The Logistics of the Military and Emergency Preparedness.”

This conference will focus on the expertise developed by the military and civilian agencies in supply chain and logistics as applied to field deployment and emergency preparedness.

Who Should Attend:

· The supply chain and logistics community to learn how the logistics practice of the military and emergency preparedness organizations applies to their business.

· Companies and agencies involved as first respondents to local and international emergencies.

· Regular and reserve armed forces personnel from around the world.

· International development NGOs, consultants, academics, and the media, to broaden their knowledge and share the experiences in the logistics of military and emergency response agencies.

Find more information about the program and registration here.

Contact: Bryndis Whitson, Van Horne Institute, at or 403-220-2114