Atlantic Council of Canada Roundtable on the Navy-Coast Guard, 13 September 2012

The Atlantic Council of Canada invites you to a roundtable discussion entitled: “The Future of the Navy-Coast Guard Relationship in Canada.”

The discussion will be lead by Ken Hansen, Resident Research Fellow with the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies and Science Advisory Committee Member with the Halifax Marine Research Institute.

The topics of discussion will include:

  • How does the Canadian Navy-Coast Guard Relationship compare internationally?
  • Should the Canadian Coast Guard be armed?
  • What should the role of the Canadian Coast Guard be in time of conflict or war?
  • Should the Royal Canadian Navy do more or less in support of Canadian law enforcement?
  • How will the relationship between the RCN and CCG evolve in arctic patrolling operations?

The roundtable discussion will be followed by a reception.

When: September 13, 2012, 10:00-12:30, Roundtable & Reception

Where: Henry Hicks Building, 1236 Henry St., Dalhousie University, Lord Dalhousie Room