The Naval Association of Canada 2012 AGM and Conference

The Naval Association of Canada has announced a one-day conference, to be held in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting, on Friday, 01 June 2012 in Ottawa.  The conference, which is entitled “Our Navy, Our Industry, Our Future,” advertises the following theme:

Replacement of the Canadian fleet is essential. The NSPS is lauded by Canadians in part because the process was open and transparent arriving at what citizens judge to be a ‘best decision’ without political intervention. While the ships themselves will be built on the coasts, payload development, manufacture and support offers to attract similar long term Canada-wide citizen support for the RCN. How do we proceed? What are the next steps?

The conference announcement and administrative details are listed here.

The conference program can be viewed here.

A link to on-line registration can be found here.