More analysis of nuclear and conventional capabilities (II)*

*Moderator’s Note: This statement was my comment on the Naval Affairs Discussion of the Naval Association of Canada.

The issue of submarines is being badly mishandled.  The NSPS does not address future maritime security or sea power holistically.

Australia has determined that submarines are central for their security and have a vision about how maritime power will operate in the future.  We keep waiting for the Canadian naval vision paper, but it is so long-delayed that I am very dubious of seeing it at mid-month (today), which is the latest in the long series of missed release dates.

We know that the funds for the Canadian Surface Combatant project cannot produce a ‘premier’ warship if the plan is for a uniform build.  I frankly doubt that even a high-low fleet mix will be able to accomplish it either.  What, then, about submarines?

Once updated and operating, are the Victorias not our most combat-capable naval platform?  Depending on what the Canadian Surface Combatant project produces, they might be our best ‘sea fighter’ even then.  Given the uncertainty, can we afford to be without them?