Volume 6, Issue 4

Winter 2011 Issue
Winter 2011 - Volume 6, Issue 4

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Editorial: The Light Blue Funnel Line: The ‘Keeping the Peace’ Role of Navies (Free Access) by Hugh Williamson

2nd Place Essay in Bruce S. Oland Essay Competition: Naval Chameleons? Re-evaluating the Legality of Deceptive Lighting under International Humanitarian Law (Free Access) by Lieutenant (N) Mike Madden

Somali Pirates: An Expansive Interpretation of Human Rights (Free Access) by Amitai Etzioni

The Arctic Environment and the Law of Armed Conflict (Free Access) by Christopher Waters and Ashley Barnes

The Future of Autonomous Marine Systems in the Canadian Navy (Free Access) by J. Matthew Gillis

Build it and They Will Call: Designing Navy 2060 Today (Free Access) by Janet Thorsteinson

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • NORAD Maritime: Time for a Re-evaluation? by Calvin Mofford
  • Cheap and Nasty: Just What Types of Ship Does the Navy Need? by Dave Mugridge
  • A Response to Luciano by Eric Lerhe
  • Update on Piracy off the East African Coast by A Correspondent in Africa

Plain Talk: Dollars and Disasters: Time to Ante Up (Free Access) by Sharon Hobson

The View from the West: Navies and Non-Traditional Security Threats (Free Access) by Christian Bedford

Warship Developments: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (Free Access) by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews (Free Access)

Keeping Sackville Afloat (Free Access) by Jacqui Good

Announcing the 5th Bruce S. Oland Essay Competition (Free Access)