Volume 15, Issue 1

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Editorial: Innovation: Top Down or Bottom Up? by Colonel (ret'd) John Orr

Sailing to Byzantium: A Eulogy to the Sea King by Jeff Tasseron

Third Base: The Case for CFB Churchill (Free Access) by José Assis Giammaria

The Strategic Contribution of the Harry DeWolf Class to Canadian Defence and Security by Gaëlle Rivard Piché and Lieutenant-Commander James Brun

Canada Concludes Fourth Command of CTF 150 Interview with Commodore Darren Garnier

Making Waves

  • Sea Blindness and Australia's Second Sea by Brian K. Wentzell
  • Ships, Sailors and Pawns by Ann Griffiths
  • 'Future-Proofing' the Type 26 Frigate by David Dunlop
  • China and Antarctica: A Lesson for Canada? by Brian K. Wentzell

A View from the West: Pirates of Venezuela and Worrying Parallels with Somalia by Francesca Guetchev

Dollars and Sense: Evaluating Justin Trudeau's Shipbuilding Record (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Large Surface Combatants by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews

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