Volume 14, Issue 3

Winter 2019 Issue

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Editorial: Trends and Themes in Maritime and Arctic Security and Safety by Dr. Andrea Charron

The Case for Canadian Naval Ballistic Missile Defence (Free Access) by Adam P. macDonald

Mahan and Understanding the Future of Naval Competition in the Arctic Ocean by Rob Huebert

China’s Arctic Policy and its Potential Impact on Canada’s Arctic Security by Sherman Xiaogang Lai

Technology and Growth: The RCN during the Battle of the Atlantic (Free Access) by Acting Sub-Lieutenant L.J.W. Cole

Making Waves

  • Remembering Prime Minister Kim Campbell’s Lonely, Losing Battle to Replace the Sea Kings, by Robert Smol
  • Are We Losing the North? Canadian Arctic Security and Sovereignty, by David Dunlop
  • Response to “Understanding the Delusion”, by Commander RCN (Ret’d) Robert A. Rutherford, CD

Dollars and Sense: Canada is Making Real Procurement Progress, but Still Falling Short of Strong, Secure, Engaged (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Snippets by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews

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