Volume 14, Issue 2

Fall 2018 Issue

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Editorial: A Tilted Playing Field: Was the fix in for the CSC? (Free Access) by Dr. Ann Griffiths & Dr. Dan Middlemiss

Women and the Armed Forces: Inclusive policies and practices in Canada, Australia and New Zealand (Free Access) by Isabelle Caron and Sebastien Girard Lindsay

Operation Nanook: Purpose, Evolution and Future (Free Access) by Adam Lajeunesse

Review Article: The Decline of European Navies: Lessons for Canada? (Free Access) by Jeffrey Collins

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • Arctic Naval Patrol and the Refuelling Thereof, by Commander (ret'd) R.A. (Bob) Rutherford
  • Understanding the Delusion and the Reality Behind Canada's Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships, by Robert Smol
  • Is it Time for a NATO Without the United States?, by Pat Ambrose
  • From Paris with Love: The Egyptian Navy and the Mistrals, by Mohammed Elgayar
  • Whither the Type 26?, by Poseidon

View from the West: Assessing Maritime Threats from the Yemeni Civil War (Free Access) by Chris chan

Dollars and Sense:Get Going with the Refresh of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Museum Ships (Free Access) by Doug Thomas

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