Volume 14, Issue 1

Summer 2018 Issue
Volume 14, Issue 1

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Editorial: Canada, the National Security Threat? (Free Access) by Dr. Ann Griffiths

Naval Tactical Operations Group by Lieutenant-Commander Wil Lund and Lieutenant (N) Jacob Killawee

Future Canadian Surface Combatant: The Best Option (Free Access) by David Dunlop

An East Coast Air Station: Shearwater 1918-2018 (Free Access) by Colonel (Ret'd) John L. Orr

The Importance of Naval Education for Flag Officer Development by Vice-Admiral (Ret'd) Nigel D. Brodeur

Canadian Naval Ship Design: Two Old Sailors Talk by Amphion

Making Waves

  • Comments on "'Amphibiosity,' 'Big Honking Ships' and Royal Canadian Marines", by Commander R.A. Rutherford
  • Maritime Power Projection: A Challenge for the Australian Defence Forces, by Brian K. Wentzell
  • Further Thoughts on Fleet Replenishment, by Commander (Ret'd) R.A. Rutherford
  • The Navy has a Major Problem Attracting and Retaining Millennial-era Recruits, by Ken Hansen
  • Battle of the Atlantic Gala Dinner 2018, by Tim Addison

Dollars and Sense: Arctic Futures by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Hybrid Carriers by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews

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