Volume 13, Issue 2

Summer 2017 Issue

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Editorial: Invisible Pirates and the Marine Industry (Free Access) by Dr. Ann Griffiths

How to Sink the Hermit Kingdom: Improving Maritime Sanctions against North Korea (Free Access) by Robert Huish

Naval Occupations and the RCN: A Complex Yet Necessary Restructuring (Free Access) by Commander Luc Tremblay

The Kriegsmarine's Black Flag of Surrender and the Royal Canadian Navy (Free Access) by Sub-Lieutenant Warren O. Bush

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • 2% is Not a Credible Policy... Or even a Policy by Vice-Admiral (Ret'd) Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • New Wings for the Fleet by Colonel Peter C. Allan
  • The Interim Fast Attack Tanker by Colonel (Ret├Ęd) John Orr
  • Strong, Secure, Engaged in Atlantic Africa by Brian Wentzell
  • The Heart of the Fleet: The Joint Support Ship Program by Brian Carter
  • Policy Debates 100 Years Later by Colonel (Ret'd) John Orr
  • Comment on the McCoy/Tulloch Article on a Canadian HA/DR Ship by Patrick Ambrose

Dollars and Sense: Strong Secure Engaged (Free Access) by Dave Perry

A View from the West: Sea Trials: The Benefits of Using Unclos to Settle Maritime Disputes (Free Access) by Jocelyn Sandhu

Warship Developments: The Canadian Surface Combatant by Doug Thomas (Free Access)

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