Volume 12, Issue 1

Spring 2016 Issue
Volume 12, Issue 1

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Table of Contents

Editorial: The Defence Review and Immutable Realities by Daniel Sing

Strategic Considerations for Canada’s Navy by Dr. Elinor Sloan

What Sort of Future RCN? by Dr. Norman Friedman

The New Defence Policy Needs to Focus on Procurement, Not Prose by Dr. Dave Perry

Why a Defence Review is Necessary and Why It will be Easy to Get it Wrong in the Arctic by Dr. Rob Huebert

The Royal Canadian Navy: The Ocean at our Gates by Rear-Admiral John Newton

Making Waves
Is ‘Maritime’ Still in the Future of Maritime Air? by Colonel (Ret’d) John Orr
Is There a ‘Made in Canada’ Premium for Building Warships? by Dr. Eric Lerhe
Canada and Modern Submarines by Peter T. Haydon
Australian Defence Strategy and the Defence White Paper 2016 by Brian K. Wentzell
Our Voice Matters by Cal Mofford

A View from the West: Because It’s 2016: Returning Canada to the Indo-Pacific Region by Brett Witthoeft

Warship Developments: How Big is ‘Big Enough’? by Doug Thomas

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