Volume 12, Number 4

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Editorial: Recapitalizing the Fleet (Free Access) by Eric Lerhe

Some Observations on Canada’s Experience Building Warships (Free Access) by Michael Hennessy

Assessing the Progress of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (Free Access) by Tom Ring

Building Canada’s Next Navy: Strategic Basis and Fleet Mix (Free Access) by Elinor Sloan

Canada’s Submarines are Sunk Costs (Free Access) by Michael Byers

The Navy’s Prospects in Trudeau’s Defence Policy Review (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • The Need for Maritime Thinking and Sea Power by Peter Haynes
  • Capability and Capacity: All that Glitters is Not Gold by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Tweaking the Procurement Approach for the Canadian Surface Combatant by Captain Roger Chiasson

Dollars and Sense: Adjusting to Trump (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Aircraft Carriers: Today’s Dreadnoughts? (Free Access) by Doug Thomas

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