Volume 12, Number 3

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Editorial: Foreign and Defence Policy Coherence: The Critical Naval Nexus (Free Access) by Hugh Segal

Watching the Arctic Ocean: Lessons from the Cold War (Free Access) by Adam Lajeunesse

The Emergence of Anti-Ship Missiles and the Implications for the RCN (Free Access) by Major Ed Stokes

Operation Unifier: Canada’s Military Training Mission in Ukraine (Free Access) by Tim Dunne

Interview with Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • The NSS: Alive and Well on Canada’s West Coast by Tim Page
  • You are Never Too Old (or Too Senior) to Learn by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Maritime Safety: The Dangers of Servicing by C.S.P. Hunter
  • Russia’s Missile Defence Dilemma by Debalina Ghoshal

Dollars and Sense: Decision Time for Defence (Free Access) by Dave Perry

A View from the West: Australian Shipbuilding: Addressing Indo-Pacific Concerns? (Free Access) by Diana Edwards

Warship Developments: Trends (Free Access) by Doug Thomas

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