Volume 12, Number 2

Summer 2016 Issue
Volume 12, Issue 2

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Editorial: Whatever Happened to Piracy? (Free Access) by Ann Griffiths

Winner of 2016 CNMT Essay Competition: China as an Emerging Arctic Player (Free Access) by Adam P. MacDonald

Kept at Bay in Vancouver Bay (Free Access) by Daniel Demers

Readiness? Aye, Ready! In Conversation with Rear-Admiral John Newton (Free Access) by Andrea Lane

Taking the Long View of the Shipbuilding Programs (Free Access) by Ken Hansen

The ‘Rolls-Royce Destroyers’: Canada’s First Made-to-Order Warships (Free Access) by S.D. Campbell

Making Waves (Free Access)

  • Maybe, Just Maybe, They’re Serious by Cal Mofford
  • Energy Use and Conservation in the Marine Sector by Peter Haydon
  • Canadian Wren Recalls Attachment to Bletchley Park by Drew Tapley

Dollars and Sense: The Navy Actually is a Liberal Priority! (Free Access) by Dave Perry

A View from the West: China, Japan, and South Korea Look North (Free Access) by Diana Edwards

Warship Developments: Submarines Great and Small (Free Access) by Doug Thomas

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