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What Future for the Naval Reserves in Canada?*

[*This article was original published in the April 2013 issue of Marine Matters. It is reprinted here with the permission of the publisher, Mr. Aldert van Nieuwkoop.] When partnerships work, they are beneficial to both parties. As soon as one feels aggrieved, the partnership is in jeopardy. The relationship between […]


What we get for the price

I have to disagree with almost all of John Arthur’s claims that the Naval Reserve Divisions (NRDs) and their part time reservists should be “a public relations operation” with naval operations as their “job #2.”  He also states that the naval reserve “core mission” has been “maintaining presence ashore via […]


The reserve is not an operational resource, but strategic one

This debate is a pleasure to read, but also somewhat frustrating. In speaking of “relevant” operational tasks, it seems to me that Eric Lerhe misses the whole point of the part-time naval reservists. When Capt. Walter Hose founded the naval reserve (NAVRES) in the 1920s, it was highly unlikely he […]