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The Impeccable Affair: Analysis of China’s new twist to the Law of the Sea Convention and its definitions

Commander James Kraska’s article provides an accurate description of the various legal views surrounding the maritime incident between China and the United States involving USNS Impeccable, with a necessary focus on the very fanciful nature of China’s legal argument. The article also underlines this action is but one of a series […]


Mixed messages from U.S. naval leaders on international relations

My Broadside of November 26, 2008 was based on the recently released U.S. National Intelligence Council publication Global Trends 2025. It foresees the diminution of U.S. global power and influence due to a combination of trends, events and the changing relative strengths of emerging countries, NGOs, and non state actors. […]


Implications for Canada

Broadsides solicited comments on the potential impact of the new United States maritime strategy, A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower1, upon Canada, and I offer the following as my analysis. The first step is to understand the basis for the strategy and the intent of its sponsors, the U.S. […]