The Netherlands

Are Netherlands navy surplus OPVs an option?

The Royal Netherlands Navy will not be taking delivery two new Holland-class ocean-going patrol vessels, due to cutbacks in military spending. It would be interesting to read an expert opinion on Broadsides about these state of the art 3000-tonne ships and speculate on their fit in the Canadian navy. OPVs have been […]


Our navy, Our country

The fall out of the recent federal election, amidst the worldwide economic swirl, opens an opportunity for the Canadian government to invest in Canadian jobs and Canadian technology through Canada’s navy building sustainable long-term employment and, at the same time, increase Canada’s overall security and ability to execute a robust […]


The strange silence on neglect of strategic seaborne mobility

Dear Senator Kenny, Bravo Zulu on a plainspoken wake up call to Canadians. Jack Granatstein’s classics – “Who Killed Canadian History?” and “Who Killed the Canadian Military?” have fallen on essentially deaf ears, particularly where it counts in government. Let us hope yours and the work of the Senate on […]