Svalbard-class arctic patrol ships

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The merits of merging the coast guard and the navy

The announcement of the new arctic patrol vessels brings with it the inevitable discussion on whether the Canadian navy or the Canadian Coast Guard should be Canada’s sovereign marine presence in the Arctic. This question comes with a simple examination of status quo options rather than taking a step back […]


Arctic/Offshore patrol vessels – an analysis

The right decision was made and a most significant battle has been won – the Navy will now be in the Arctic with an ice-capable ship – the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Vessel (A/OPV). Quite simply, the Navy had to be in our third ocean, and we can now lay to rest […]


The Arctic – What should the navy be doing now?

It appears that the Government wants our navy to acquire and operate Arctic Patrol Vessels (APV). What should the Canadian navy be doing pending the delivery of these ships? Well, it should NOT be sitting on its collective duff and waiting for the ships to arrive – that could take […]


Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships

(The conclusions, deductions and opinions expressed are those of the originator and are not to be construed as official policy of the Canadian Forces.) The government believes that more emphasis on defence of our northern territory is essential, including (as stated in their last election platform’s defence policy) the acquisition […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXIV)

Small may make sense in some respects, but if one is serious about national maritime security then endurance trumps size. There is a myth that the WWII corvettes were tactically useful all the time; in reality, in any heavy sea they were utterly useless because survival became the driving force. […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XVII)

David Perry: While that side debate was going on, Eric Lerhe sent off a letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen following up on David Pugiliese’s article on arctic security: “David Pugiliese’s recent article is accurate in its assessment that the Canada First Defence Strategy is sending mixed signals […]