Axis submarine kills and Canadian warship losses in WWII

Fraser McKee rightly takes me to task for not crediting the sinking of the Italian Marcello-class submarine, R.Smg. Commandante Faá di Bruno, Cdr. Aldo Enrici, CO, by HMCS Ottawa, Cdr. Edmond ‘Rollo’ Mainguy, CO, and HMS HARVESTER (H19), (ex-Brazilian JURUA), on 6 Nov 1940. I admit that I deliberately did not […]

A Review of “That Sinking Feeling: Canada’s Submarine Program Springs a Leak.”

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Rideau Institute jointly released a report on 11 June by Michael Byers and Stewart Webb entitled That Sinking Feeling: Canada’s Submarine Program Springs a Leak. The CFPS Maritime Security Policy Program Research Team has examined the report in detail and our evaluation […]

Naval Transformation Announcement*

* Moderator’s Note: This message was sent out last week by email to all naval addresses in conjunction with the announcement of major changes to the national-level CF headquarters structure. “Many of you may have heard that important changes were coming for the RCN. Today these changes are being officially […]

What could one 10,000-ton ship carry?

After my recent posts describing the SC and HX eastbound convoy systems, I received an email that said, in effect, “What was the big deal about loosing one ship out a 50-ship convoy? With an average loss rate of between 0.6% (for HX convoys) and 2.1% (for SC convoys), surely […]

The history of construction of submarines in Canada

[Monday, 05 March 2012] Murray Brewster reported on 27 February in The Canadian Press article (“Glitchy subs to sail until 2030”) that Admiral Paul Maddison has stated that planning for new submarines will begin within the next four years: “I would envision initiating a next generation submarine discussion within the […]

What if Libya had submarines?

The Libyan Navy’s primary mission was to defend the coast of the country. To accomplish this mission is was equipped with: 2 Koni-class missile frigates; 2 Nanuchka-class missile corvettes; 9 Combattante II-class fast attack missile boats; 12 Osa-class missile boats; 2 Polnocny-class landing ships; and 9 minesweepers. The Libyan Navy […]

More analysis of nuclear and conventional capabilities (II)*

*Moderator’s Note: This statement was my comment on the Naval Affairs Discussion of the Naval Association of Canada. The issue of submarines is being badly mishandled.  The NSPS does not address future maritime security or sea power holistically. Australia has determined that submarines are central for their security and have […]

Twenty-Five ‘moments’ to celebrate (or ponder)

To commemorate the Canadian Naval Centennial, and to provoke debate on our navy’s history, I have compiled a list of twenty-five significant moments that capture what I consider to be the major events and trends of the past 100 years. Some are facts, the importance of which can be disputed, […]

What is the naval equivalent of the F-35?

The F-35 “Lightning II” is a ‘5th generation’ fighter.  It has capabilities that will theoretically allow Canadian air power to counter and defeat all potential threats for a period of decades while reducing attrition and sustainment requirements.  (A set of briefing slides entitled “Canada’s Next Generation Fighter Capability” can be […]

US Navy may get shipbuilding boost from Congress (II)

The Congressional Research Service has published a report entitled “Navy Attack Submarine Force-Level Goal and Procurement Rate”, which was updated on 09 April 2007 (Order Code RL32418). The report shows that, for a planned USN fleet of 313 ships, the current procurement rate in the 30-year fleet plan is insufficient […]