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What if Libya had submarines?

The Libyan Navy’s primary mission was to defend the coast of the country. To accomplish this mission is was equipped with: 2 Koni-class missile frigates; 2 Nanuchka-class missile corvettes; 9 Combattante II-class fast attack missile boats; 12 Osa-class missile boats; 2 Polnocny-class landing ships; and 9 minesweepers. The Libyan Navy […]


What is the naval equivalent of the F-35?

The F-35 “Lightning II” is a ‘5th generation’ fighter.  It has capabilities that will theoretically allow Canadian air power to counter and defeat all potential threats for a period of decades while reducing attrition and sustainment requirements.  (A set of briefing slides entitled “Canada’s Next Generation Fighter Capability” can be […]


Is ‘full spectrum’ fighter capability relevant for the air force?

In response to Anne Griffith’s comment about the F-35 brief, I was at the same briefing and was similarly unimpressed.  It was very much a “glossy brochure” type of brief – very shiny but very much lacking any convincing argument.  One thing that bothers me is the lack of any real […]


A really good aircraft but do we really need them?

I am certainly not an expert on the joint strike fighter, so I can’t comment on the technical merits of the purchase. I would, however, like to comment on the purchase and the sales job that the government and DND are making on the plane. I went to a briefing […]


Plans cannot be rationalized without the strategic perspective

The F-35 purchase and NSPS elicit the same question for me: “What is the government’s concept for the employment of Canadian military force in a future conflict?”  The F-35 contract suggests a front-line, high-risk combat role against a peer competitor.  But, our history of procurement in peace and war suggests that we are […]


Secretary of Defence Gates’ vision of the future

On 25 February at West Point, The U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates provided a very clear picture of future U.S. defence strategy. (See the text of the speech here.)  It was not what many had expected given the heavy U.S. land commitment to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the […]