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Cyclones are flying but is it good news?

Residents of Halifax are sighting the Sikorsky H-92 Cylcone in flight over the Shearwater airfield and in the local area. I saw the first one last Saturday, but other residents are reporting that they have been active around the airfield for the last three weeks. The Cyclone has a distinctly […]


The Sea King attrition saga*

* Moderator’s Note: This is an excerpt of an article originally published in Airforce Magazine, (Winter, 2008): 11 – 16. It is reprinted here with the permission of the publisher.  The article provides an analysis of the fates of the lost Sea Kings.  My thanks to Christine Hines, Curator at […]


How well will Shearwater withstand the coming cuts?

The ‘Strategic and Operating Review’ underway in the Department of National Defence is primarily a cost-cutting exercise.  A message sent to DND and CF members on Friday, 5 August, under the signatures of Deputy Minister Fonberg and Chief of Defence Natynczyk, outlines two potential outcomes: reductions to meet at least […]



Robin Allan refers to the requirement as a “Big Honking Ship”. The term is somewhat overly generous. The projected full load displacement of the JSS is about 28,000 tons, about 3,000 tons greater than the new US Navy San Antonio-class LPD, about the same for the Spanish Navantia LHD design, […]