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Military spending vs. energy security: U.S. tactics and Chinese strategy

Few readers of Washington-based Elizabeth McCowan’s article, entitled “Military versus Climate Security: U.S. and China Worlds Apart,” (Reuters, 11 Jan 11) would fail to disagree with this combative stark title. The main tenet of her work shows how the U.S. is failing to realise the importance of balancing defence spending […]


Great Britain gambles with the Royal Navy

Some of the issues in Professor Geoffrey Till’s recent paper found here (Naval War College Review, Winter 2010, pp. 33-60) may not apply to Canada, the strategic nuclear deterrent being a prime example.  However, as well as being of interest in its own right, the work neatly summarises many key […]


An American report recommends radical reform to build collaborative capabilities

A ‘blue ribbon’ panel in the United States has just released a major report on national security reform.  The report can be viewed at this link. Entitled “Ensuring Security in an Unpredictable World: The Urgent Need for National Security Reform,” the report will inform American security and defence policy for […]