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In the 21st Century, ocean shipping matters to Canada*

*Moderator’s Note: This article was originally published in the 1 September 2014 issue of Canadian Sailing. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Canada has been a trading and exporting nation since its founding almost 150 years ago. Over $130 billion of Canadian exports are carried by […]

Why Canada needs to look to the seas*

*Moderator’s Note: This Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute op-ed [link to original] appeared in The Globe and Mail on 13 May 2014. It is reprinted here with the permission of CDFAI. Lest we forget. On Parliament Hill last week we marked the end of our Afghanistan mission. We also […]

Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee Report critical of naval anti-piracy efforts

The Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) of the British parliament has published its tenth report, entitled “Piracy off the coast of Somalia.” You can read the report here. The report notes that, while the establishment of the safety transit corridor has made the Gulf of Aden reasonably safe, their concentration of effort […]

Lord Nelson and amateur tacticians*

* Moderator’s Note: This post appeared originally in the Letters to the Editor section of The Washington Times on 30 March 2007. It is no longer available on-line. A large part of Canadian naval history is traced back to that of the Royal Navy. The history of that organization is […]

What is doctrine and why is it so important?

Most official definitions talk about doctrine as though it is the bedrock of all things naval. This one comes from the USN’s Naval Doctrine Publication 1 (NDP1) Naval Warfare: “Naval doctrine is the foundation upon which our tactics, techniques, and procedures are built.” This definition gives the impression that doctrine […]

The ‘Royal’ name change: significant or merely symbolic?

A quick internal polling of the CFPS fellowship on the question posed in this article’s title resulted in a general consensus that the navy’s name change is appropriate but not especially significant.  The Canadian naval connection to the crown was not removed by dropping the ‘RCN’ name for the navy […]

Minority Politics Bites: Ministerial hubris stalls joint Global Combat Ship*

*Moderator’s Note:  This article was posted on Defence Iq on 21 March.  The first paragraph is reproduced here, along with a link the remainder of the article, with the permission of the editor. “Once again the UK coalition government’s ham fisted, clumsy stewardship of defence has caused irritation to our […]

Fleet Replacement Strategies – Searching for Best Value for Money (II)

Certain Canadian politicians and labour leaders have been making a fuss recently over the idea that Canada might build a new class of warships to a British design – as though that was a bad thing. As pointed out by Peter Haydon in his recent Broadsides Forum, this practice of […]

Canada-UK frigate development talks make sense

The initial rumour out of Britain that Canada and UK were discussing new frigate plans [see also here] was quickly denied by the Canadian government, but subsequent public statements by a Halifax area MP, probably talking on behalf of the local shipyard, have added some credibility to that rumour. Anyway, […]

Great Britain gambles with the Royal Navy

Some of the issues in Professor Geoffrey Till’s recent paper found here (Naval War College Review, Winter 2010, pp. 33-60) may not apply to Canada, the strategic nuclear deterrent being a prime example.  However, as well as being of interest in its own right, the work neatly summarises many key […]