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The admirals take the reins

Secretary of Defence Robert Gates announced his nominations for some of the top command positions in the U.S. military on Wednesday.  His recommendations indicate that he is pleased with the current ‘maritime direction’ embodied in the Maritime Strategy and that the naval approach to strategy and operations will indeed inform […]


The New U.S. Maritime Strategy: What are the implications for Canada?

The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps announced the first collective declaration of national maritime strategy on 17 October.  To date, commentaries on the strategy are mixed.  While much of the strategy’s main elements are recognizable (forward presence, deterrence, sea control and power projection), among the new features of […]


Modularity, the Littoral Combat Ship and the future of the United States Navy

Lexington Institute Paper, “Modularity, the Littoral Combat Ship and the Future of The United States Navy” is available here. The Lexington Institute paper provides a general overview and somewhat one-sided assessment of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The paper is very limited on its treatment of the origins of the […]