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What will become of the naval reserve?

At the Maritime Security Conference this past June, Commodore Mark Norman, then the Atlantic Fleet Commander, gave a very candid dinner address on his views about the future of the navy.  In particular, he made several comments about the naval reserve. Here are a few of them: The concept of […]


Make the organizational structure reflect reality

This is a very good debate, and I also believe it is long overdue. I am a naval reservist on a “Class A” contract, serving as a military occupation advisor for naval engineers.  A few quick thoughts come to mind: – To me, a redefinition of the naval reserves within […]


Crewing of the A/OPV by reservists won’t be easy (II)

AI can sense the previous post will generate interest because Derek Carroll raises some very real concerns. They include the fact that: both the regular navy and the reserve navy are having manning problems the long training times of engineers and techs will continue to complicate this much of our […]


A reply to Eric Lerhe

Thank you for your comments but I feel compelled to respond to some of your statements, particularly those involving the ‘part-time’ and ‘relevant’ reserves. 1) I agree with your comment that there should not be a ‘choice’ between TRUMP replacements and A/OPVs but I fear such a choice has already […]