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Canada’s place among the ‘Sea Front Nations’.

Ken Hansen has posed an interesting question. It is not a question that is independent of other maritime concerns, namely ‘maritime blindness of the Canadian society’, the future of the Canadian navy, and the national interests of Canada. Irrespective of the scientific reasons for the climatic changes unfolding in the arctic, no […]


Stewardship and due diligence in maritime operations

A recent Canadian Press article regarding Canadian Forces rules for maritime operations in Canada’s arctic region sparked some debate about whether the CF and the navy are reasonable stewards of the environment.  Canadians picked up on this article and the headlines chosen by the editors such as “Navy granted dumping […]


Give new icebreakers to the coast guard

Neil Reynolds, in his column “Bring back the mighty ship Labrador” (Feb. 14), writes that “Canada could very quickly deploy heavy Arctic icebreakers that function simultaneously as armed naval patrol vessels.” But there is no national or military need for navy icebreakers. As Mr Reynolds notes, the Canadian navy has […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XVI)

David Perry: Richard Gimblett replied: “Canadian warships have no law enforcement jurisdiction within Canadian waters, which is why we pack Mounties on drug busts and fisheries officers on fishery patrols. Grey hulls in the NW Passage will not accomplish what this government says it wants to do, re-capitalizing the coast […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XIII)

David Perry: Eric Lerhe circulated some general ideas for an editorial he wanted to write and asked for suggestions: “Byers’ idea of the navy having an armed icebreaker is nonsense. We must act soon; Canadians will expect firm govt action (especially ship orders) over the next year as these vessels […]