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More misguided efforts

On 23 March, Jeremy Binnie, Jane’s Defence Weekly Middle East/Africa Editor in London, reported that the EU had expanded the area of operations for the EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) counter-piracy mission to include Somali coastal territory and internal waters.  Binnie’s opinion is that EUNAVFOR would attempt to “disrupt pirate logistics […]


Private contractors to train Somali anti-pirate forces?

An article by Jason Lewis, entitled “Paul and Rachel Chandler: British mercenaries hired to take on Somali Pirates,” in the 20 November issue of The Telegraph claims that the U.K. government is preparing to pay a private contractor to employ British ex-special forces personnel to train and assist Somalis: “Acting […]


Background and Update on NATO Counter Piracy Operations off Somalia

I have read all the posts about piracy and find them very interesting…but somewhat misinformed in certain areas. I am also somewhat disappointed that there is an absence of information about NATO’s contribution to combating piracy off the coast of Somalia. I am presently the second in command of the […]