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Preview of the Spring 2014 Issue of CNR

Here’s an excerpt from the next Editorial: “War and Economics: The Real Threat to the Canadian Navy.” The impact of two powerful events have placed the navy in a difficult position. Neither is maritime specific and neither originates in Canada but both combine to challenge the future of the Canadian […]

Cyclones are flying but is it good news?

Residents of Halifax are sighting the Sikorsky H-92 Cylcone in flight over the Shearwater airfield and in the local area. I saw the first one last Saturday, but other residents are reporting that they have been active around the airfield for the last three weeks. The Cyclone has a distinctly […]

Yes, Virginia, military equipment IS expensive (or, what may be ahead for the navy’s major ship replacement programs?)

Yes, the F-35 procurement has been a debacle, with many to blame. But, this should not blind us to the sub-text here, a Canadian meme aided and abetted by irresponsible politicians of every political stripe, by the media who smell blood in the water, and analysts who should know better. […]

Lawson not a guarantee for F-35 selection

After the initial flurry of comments following the appointment of Lieutenant-General Thomas Lawson as Chief of Defence Staff, some more measured observations about the duties and responsibilities of the position and the nature of the man are coming out. Professor Philippe Lagassé, a well-respected and balanced commentator, has written an […]

Who do we believe?

There is an article in the press that suggest completely different views on when the first operational H-92 ‘Cyclone’ helicopter (CH-148 in Canadian military terms) will be delivered to the Canadian Forces by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Greg Weston’s article for CBC News is entitled ominously “New helicopters may not be […]

A ‘Clarion Call’ for change from the Governor General

Dr. David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces, published a fascinating vision statement in the form of an opinion article in the Globe and Mail on Friday, 17 February. He asserts that finding ways to coherently and effectively deal with the complex challenges of the […]

Four submarines and a funeral*

*Moderator’s Note: This article was originally published in Defence and Technology India, Vol. 30, No. 3 (December, 2007): 14-16. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Prof. Ram teaches Military History at American Military University in West Virginia. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Military […]

The joint support role must be recognized and satisfied

Ken Hansen has exposed yet another issue concerning defence procurement. The people who prepared the SOR for the CH 148 Cyclone failed to consider the full range of combat and non-combat operations that the CF may have to undertake over the life of that helicopter. If they had considered the […]

Finally, here they come!

There are now two new Sikorsky H-92 ‘Cyclone’ maritime helicopters at Shearwater.  (You can read more about the Maritime Helicopter Project here.) The first arrived in May and a number (which varies depending on the source) of ‘interim’ aircraft will follow soon.  The ‘final configuration’ aircraft are supposed to begin […]

2011 Liberal Party election platform

Moderator’s Note:  This material is provided by .  It is from a document entitled Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada., which is available at this URL: The Modern Canadian Military The Canadian Forces do extraordinary work around the world, as well as defending our security and sovereignty at home, […]