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A view from the army

Major J. Sheahan, Nancy Teeple and Peter Gizewski have produced a futuristic view of arctic security in an article entitled, “Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty Under Siege: The Prince Patrick Incident of 2040—An Alternative Security Future.”  The article was published in Canadian Army Journal, Vol. 12, No.2 (Summer 2009), pp. 37-49.  You […]


Maritime Security Conference Explores Navy-Coast Guard Interoperability*

[* Moderator’s Note:  This article was originally published in the Summer 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 2) issue of Canadian Naval Review.] The 19th annual Maritime Security Conference took place at Dalhousie University 12-14 June, drawing 135 distinguished speakers and delegates. Participants from Canada, Norway, Britain and the United States examined […]


The navy’s future fleet plans are not what Canada needs

The navy Canadians have today is NOT the navy that the country has decided it necessarily needs.  The naval leadership is singularly focused on a blue water force centred on the destroyer/frigate task group.  Such a force is capable of global deployments and providing “leadership” at sea.  Proponents of this […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (VII)

David Perry: A couple of days later, on 4 February, the Winnipeg Free Press published an editorial by Peter Haydon of Dalhousie University, that echoed some of Eric Lerhe’s unpublished concerns and took a more precise maritime security approach in addition to raising concerns over the apparent savings from the […]