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Plans cannot be rationalized without the strategic perspective

The F-35 purchase and NSPS elicit the same question for me: “What is the government’s concept for the employment of Canadian military force in a future conflict?”  The F-35 contract suggests a front-line, high-risk combat role against a peer competitor.  But, our history of procurement in peace and war suggests that we are […]


The place of Canada and its navy in the west

Airedale presents an argument heard all too often in Canada, not just in academic common rooms or their virtual equivalents such as this forum, where there is a certain expectation to set up false dichotomies for the purpose of debate, but also in places of political and military power where […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXIII)

The obvious answer to this problem is the high/low fleet mix that I proposed at the CFPS conference two years ago. Gold-plating by the navy (and coast guard) results in these astronomical costs. Norman Friedman said it best at last year’s Maritime Security Conference. There is absolutely no point in […]