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Comments about purpose and roles

I was surprised that David Perry’s commentary “The New Marine Commando Regiment” didn’t cover several policy ideas being kicked around within several riding associations. The purpose of such a regiment is to fulfil two roles: First – the development of expeditionary forces is to protect Canada’s national security and economic […]


New statistics from IMB reinforce existing trends, show new ones

The statistics on piracy attacks for the first and second quarters of 2010 have been released.  They contain data that shows the Somali pirates are expanding their capabilities to conduct long-range operations and avoid the multinational naval force patrols. The first two quarters of 2010 have resulted in 196 incidents […]


Countering Somali Piracy – All International Eggs in one Basket?*

* Moderator’s Note: Reprinted with permission from Seaways, Journal of the Nautical Institute, September 2009, pp. 30-31. The focused intervention of foreign naval forces off the coast of Somalia raises as many questions as it answers.  Why Somalia and not Nigeria or Indonesia?  Why so much emphasis on treating it […]