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“U.S.-China Maritime Confidence Building” by David Griffiths*

*Moderator’s Note: This article is an executive summary of a monograph by CFPS Resident Research Fellow David Griffiths that was published this summer by the US Naval War College Press.  The full publishing information is, U.S.-China Maritime Confidence Building: Paradigms, Precedents, and Prospects (China Maritime Study No. 6), Newport, RI: […]


Getting to know and understand them better through naval diplomacy

Two links to articles from China Brief concerning the rise of Chinese naval ambitions are provided here, and here; both are informative and insightful.  The fact that the People’s Liberations Army (Navy) (PLA(N)) is expanding its maritime ambitions should not come as a surprise, particularly in light of the growing […]


China, the Unites States, and the UNCLOS Treaty

Mark J. Valencia, a maritime policy analyst based in Kaneohe, Hawaii, has written an important essay that has been published on-line by “Nautilus,” the forum of the Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network.  Valencia’s essay, entitled “Not an Impeccable Argument.”  Among his most interesting assertions is that the American legal […]