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Canadian Submarine Capabilities: A Reply to Ken Hansen

Ken Hansen’s excellent post on the subject of submarines raises important issues concerning the future of submarines in the RCN. For those of us who ‘get it’, the post hits all the right buttons, especially his comment “what if the first time our surface ships encounter a sub is when […]

Maritime Security Challenges Conference, 1-3 October 2012

The 5th iteration in the successful Maritime Security Challenges (MSC) conference series, will take place in Victoria, BC, Canada. MSC 2012 is presented by Royal Roads University in cooperation with Maritime Forces Pacific of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. The venue for the conference […]

“Is China’s aircraft carrier a threat to U.S. interests?” by Bonnie Glaser and Brittany Billingsley*

*Moderator’s Note: This article was published by The Center For Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) as part of their short analysis series “Critical Questions” on 11 August 2011.  My thanks to CFPS research Fellow Dr. Stan Weeks for bringing this article to my attention. It is reprinted here with the permission of […]

Cheap and Nasty: Just What Types of Ship does the Navy Need?*

[*Originally appeared in Canadian Naval Review, Vol. 6, No. 4 (Winter 2011).] “Cheap for us and nasty for the Germans.” Winston Churchill, 1940. In this centenary year there is much to be proud of but more to be concerned about. The course envisaged by Leadmark, the future fleet structure as […]

Getting to know and understand them better through naval diplomacy

Two links to articles from China Brief concerning the rise of Chinese naval ambitions are provided here, and here; both are informative and insightful.  The fact that the People’s Liberations Army (Navy) (PLA(N)) is expanding its maritime ambitions should not come as a surprise, particularly in light of the growing […]

Our navy, Our country

The fall out of the recent federal election, amidst the worldwide economic swirl, opens an opportunity for the Canadian government to invest in Canadian jobs and Canadian technology through Canada’s navy building sustainable long-term employment and, at the same time, increase Canada’s overall security and ability to execute a robust […]

Shipbuilding and Independence

The unexpected press release announcing the termination of procurement processes for two new types of ships for the Canadian Coast Guard and Navy was no doubt a heavy blow. And for the perennially under funded Coast Guard, the indefinite delay for the twelve new patrol ships they’d been counting on […]

History challenges uniformity in fleet structure and capability

In today’s Defence Watch by David Pugliese an unnamed Canadian naval officer laments that the lack of progress on naval construction and refitting will result in the navy being short on “major warships,” which he categories at destroyers and frigates, in the foreseeable future.  The officer says that delaying this […]

You ‘Do the Math’ and see what Future Fleet Plans will cost.

Here is a ‘brain teaser’ to wrestle with over the Holidays! A recent article in the U.S. press described three different theoretical future fleet plans for the USN.  One fleet was designed for major naval warfare against a peer competitor; one was principally designed for inshore constabulary work and humanitarian […]

Maritime Security Conference 2007

The annual Maritime Security Conference will take place at Dalhousie University June 14 to 16, 2007. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Maritime Role in National Response to Emergencies.” This year, the conference is presented cooperatively by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University and the […]