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In the 21st Century, ocean shipping matters to Canada*

*Moderator’s Note: This article was originally published in the 1 September 2014 issue of Canadian Sailing. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Canada has been a trading and exporting nation since its founding almost 150 years ago. Over $130 billion of Canadian exports are carried by […]


Lord Nelson and amateur tacticians*

* Moderator’s Note: This post appeared originally in the Letters to the Editor section of The Washington Times on 30 March 2007. It is no longer available on-line. A large part of Canadian naval history is traced back to that of the Royal Navy. The history of that organization is […]


Is a navy without ships still a navy?

The subtitle of this commentary is ‘pinched’ from a provocative article in the current issue of Proceedings magazine by U.S. Navy Captain R.V. Gusentine.  The author is a Joint Specialty Officer with 23 years of active-duty service and is currently the director for operations, Special Operations Command, Pacific.You can read […]