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Some comments on numbers, names and notional employment

Cdr. Ken Hansen has published a thoughtful analysis in Canadian Naval Review and followed it up with the most recent contribution to Broadsides.  His analysis suggests that the 250 person Marine Commando Regiment is too small to field and sustain an infantry platoon size force of 32 people. I am […]


A Response to Ken Hansen

I would not want to discourage the Canadian Forces, and indeed the Canadian population in general, from studying and understanding the maritime environment in the round. However, as an academic who remembers the days of a Commodore in the post of Commandant at The Royal Military College of Canada, upon […]


The navy’s future fleet plans are not what Canada needs

The navy Canadians have today is NOT the navy that the country has decided it necessarily needs.  The naval leadership is singularly focused on a blue water force centred on the destroyer/frigate task group.  Such a force is capable of global deployments and providing “leadership” at sea.  Proponents of this […]


Leased commercial sealift

The cost factors Ken Hansen outlines demonstrate the ongoing need for sealift. Indeed, with sealift costs being between one-tenth and one-seventieth the cost of airlift, coupled with the fact that many of our shipments to Afghanistan are routine in nature given the four year plus length of our current mission, […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXV)

I too am a subscriber to the “tyranny of distance” thesis, as well as that “size matters” in providing seakeeping platform stability for systems effectiveness as well as creature comforts. However, there is also much to be said for Ken Hansen’s thesis, if I may paraphrase, that “good enough is […]