Irving Shipbuilding

Dalhousie workshop examines AOPS future northern operations

Major change is coming to the Royal Canadian Navy. In just a few months, Irving Shipbuilding will begin construction of the first vessel in the Combat Ship Program under the National Shipbuilding and Procurement Strategy. The Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), to be known as the DeWolf-class, will add many new […]

What the ‘Third Party Report’ does (and does not) say about Irving Shipbuilding.

There was a lot of uproar when CBC’s Terry Milewski published a report (“Ottawa was warned about Arctic patrol ships’ high price”) that led with this statement: “Two days before signing a contract to begin work on a $3-billion shipbuilding project, the federal government was warned by its own advisers […]

Irving Shipbuilding hires a star candidate as their new President

The Business Section (page B3) of the Friday Halifax Chronicle-Herald contained a long-awaited announcement by Irving Shipbuilding.  Because the Irving website does not have the announcement at the time of writing, the full text is repeated here for the information of our readers.  Some hyperlinks have been added to key […]

Will home-grown shipbuilding be a boondoggle or a bonanza?

Michael Whalen, a professor of marketing and international business at Mount Saint Vincent University, wrote a letter to the editor of the Chronicle Herald on 26 May and asserted “Home-grown shipbuilding [is] bound to be a boondoggle.”  He suggested that two serious problems exist with the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy […]

Analysis of “Shipbuilding contract holds $250M mystery” by Terry Milewski

Mr. Milewski’s underlying assumption in the article is stated in his byline: “Cost of Arctic patrol ships’ design sparks warning of another procurement ‘fiasco.’ ”  The facts offered in support of the article by the CBC include: Ottawa will pay Irving Shipbuilding $288 million just to design — not build […]

Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship Photo Gallery

I was interviewed on News 95.7 this morning and was asked if the design process had yet produced any kind of a concept drawing for the AOPS.  The answer to that is definitely ‘yes’. You can find a lot of drawings and artist’s sketches at the DND Materiel Branch project […]

Yes, Virginia, military equipment IS expensive (or, what may be ahead for the navy’s major ship replacement programs?)

Yes, the F-35 procurement has been a debacle, with many to blame. But, this should not blind us to the sub-text here, a Canadian meme aided and abetted by irresponsible politicians of every political stripe, by the media who smell blood in the water, and analysts who should know better. […]

Irving Shipbuilding parts ways with Steve Durrell

A very brief and terse news article from CBC News has revealed that President Steve Durrell has left Irving Shipbuilding.  This development is prompting great speculation about the internal stresses within the company and Durrell’s role in all of it.  The company spokesperson declined to comment on the reason for […]

Strategic choices are dictated by numbers and dollars

This week’s announcement that the contracts to modernize and refit the twelve Halifax-class frigates will be split unequally between two shipyards (East: Halifax Shipyard, seven ships, $549M; West: Victoria Shipyards, five ships, $351M) has avoided the bitter dispute that erupted over the earlier decision to modernize the Victoria-class submarines only […]