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Facing up to Terror and Aggression: Hugh Segal addresses the International Churchill Society Canada

The International Churchill Society (ICS) serves to make history relevant around the world. Persons with similar beliefs and guiding principles around democracy, honesty and freedom of the individual in society come together. They recall moments of contemporary history when individual freedom and national values were threatened. Building on a foundation […]


The latest issue of Canadian Naval Review

The next issue of Canadian Naval Review has arrived from the graphic designers! Once again we’ve got an exciting line-up of articles and commentaries. We are very pleased to welcome former Senator Hugh Segal to the Editorial Board, and he has written the Editorial for this issue. The issue also […]


Who scuttled the “Big Honking Ship”?

Recently, the Globe and Mail reported that the Conservative government has revised its expectations of success in Kandahar. Knowing that the situation on the ground in Regional Command South is ever changing and our military commitment there is evidently slated to end in 2011, such a policy shift may indeed […]


Are SSN’s essential to ensure Canada’s arctic sovereignty? (II)

I am in the same camp as Brian Wentzell on this issue, To me, the possibility of Canada acquiring nuclear submarines is an impossibility. We tried this one time before and the government – and the people-recoiled, some through knowledge, some through fear, some through true intellectual ignorance (except that […]