Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Can the shipbuilding strategy withstand an economic recession?

In just a few days (or weeks?) an announcement will be made about the decision on which shipyards will be chosen as the ‘winners’ of the two main components of the NSPS.  There will be equal amounts of happiness and furore over the outcome, and maybe even a lawsuit or […]


A strong voice demands change in anti-piracy operations

The Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association (HKSOA) has released what is described as “a furious statement” condemning the current organizational construct and tactical practices employed by naval forces to prevent piratical activities off the Horn of Africa.  They accuse the international community of “tolerating piracy instead of eliminating attacks” and “sending […]


A teamwork approach will be most productive

Peter Haydon has provided strong arguments for shipbuilding to be a large part of the government’s infrastructure package.  President Roosevelt’s 1932 shipbuilding initiative indeed provided jobs, stimulated the economy, and addressed a strategic need for American warships.   Peter very nicely underlines how the same needs exist in Canada today.  As […]


An Infrastructure Initiative that Makes Strategic Sense as Well

The economic crisis has become a catalyst for a variety of national and local infrastructure projects. Although this makes sense, the scope could be much broader. To those of us with maritime and oceans concerns, the crisis offers an opportunity to reverse some earlier bad decisions and put Canada back […]