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The Russian Federation Navy Post-2015: Implications for Western Navies

CNR, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2015) Abstract In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine and the general deterioration of relations with Russia, the West must consider how to deal with what appears to be a revanchist and opportunistic Russia. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has entered a period of […]


Naval Association of Canada 2014 Annual General Meeting and Conference

The Naval Association of Canada has released the details of their upcoming conference. It will be held in the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa on Thursday, 2 October. The Annual General Meeting will be held afterward, running to 5 October. The Conference Theme will be – Submarines: Past, Present and […]


A reply to ‘Amphion’

Amphion is not the only naval personage musing about the future of the Canadian naval fleet. His comments are serious food for thought as innovative choices and decisions are required to meet the challenges created by the sovereign players and less than sovereign forces in the ever more competitive world. […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXVII)

With all due respect I think you are overlooking a couple of key points. A “simple” ship is just that — a simple ship, able only to do simple tasks. The operational requirements (perhaps imperatives) of the north, based on the high probability that those waters will slowly open-up for […]