More misguided efforts

On 23 March, Jeremy Binnie, Jane’s Defence Weekly Middle East/Africa Editor in London, reported that the EU had expanded the area of operations for the EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) counter-piracy mission to include Somali coastal territory and internal waters.  Binnie’s opinion is that EUNAVFOR would attempt to “disrupt pirate logistics […]

What exactly do we mean by Canadian arctic sovereignty and is it at risk?

There appear to be few internationally contentious issues that Canada faces regarding its claims of sovereignty over its arctic landmasses, including its archipelago, aside from a minor challenge concerning Hans Island. The situation in the Arctic Ocean and its adjoining waters is less clear. While several minor maritime boundary challenges […]

EUNAVFOR versus Somali piracy – A war worth winning?*

*Moderator’s Note:  This article was posted on Defence iQ on 30 March.  The first paragraph is reproduced here, along with a link the remainder of the article, with the permission of the editor. Policy is the player The EU’s response (Operation ATALANTA) to Somali Piracy under the Common Security and […]

Whether to Protect the Sea or Protect the Ships?

The capture by pirates of another super tanker, the Greek-owner MV Maran Centurus, approximately 800 nm off the coast of Somalia was reported this week by the BBC. The BBC report quotes Somalia analyst at the International Crisis Group think-tank Rashid Abdi as saying “the world’s navies has made little […]

EU Anti-piracy Naval Force Warship Tracks Down Pirate Mother Ship

The European Union scored a major success on Thursday, 12 November, when the French warship Floreal tracked down and apprehended the pirate attack group responsible for the recently reported attacks against the Singaporean large crude oil tanker MV BW Lion, 500 miles northwest of the Seychelles.  This was reported as […]

An interesting press release from the US HQ in Bahrain

See: “New Counter-Piracy Task Force Established.” There are several interesting components to this. The first is organizational: “Some navies in our coalition did not have the authority to conduct counter-piracy missions,” said Vice Adm, Bill Gortney, CMF Commander. “The establishment of CTF-151 will allow those nations to operate under the […]

Questions of liability complicate offers of security forces

Lloyd’s List news service is reporting that the European Union is forming “vessel protection detachments” which will be offered free of charge in an effort to counter pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden.   This move follows an earlier move by France.  World Food Programme ships will be offered the […]

European Union announces a new maritime strategy for the 21st century

The European Union has announced a new maritime strategy that integrates all strands of power in the maritime sector.  Citing the fact that the seas provide the EU with five million jobs, food, and ways to move goods, it identifies the sea as a vital natural resource and a key […]